Step 1

choose layout for tiles

choose layout for tiles

Choose a Layout for the Tiles

Determine a desired layout for the tiles. Mark the center line, measure the height of the tiles and snap a chalk line as a reference point. Remove any cover plates that will be in the way.

Step 2

Set the Tiles

Backbutter the tiles with a V-notched trowel (Image 1). Give each tile a little twist as you set them in place, as this will help the tiles adhere better to the wall (Image 2). Use spacers to be sure the tiles sit straight.

Step 3

cut tiles for end pieces

cut tiles for end pieces

Cut the End Tiles

Use a wet saw to cut the tiles for the end pieces and to go around the outlets. For notched cuts, make a series of cuts and snap off the pieces with pliers.

Step 4

Secure the Vent

Set the vent in place and check for level (Image 1). Secure it to the wall with the provided screws. Attach the vent elbow to the exhaust pipe and secure it with aluminum tape (Image 2).

Step 5

fish wires through box clamp and connect wires

fish wires through box clamp and connect wires

Connect the Wires

Open up the electrical panel, fish the wires through the box clamp and connect the wires.Screw the decorative vent cover to the wall.