Step 1

prep area for floor tiles

prep area for floor tiles

Prep the Area

Floor tiles can be installed over most smooth dry and tight floors. Sweep and clean the floor.

Step 2

Select the Location

Select the location of the first row of tiles. Using a chalk line, mark the floor to give a straight line across the center of the floor in both directions. The first row to be installed will need to be adhered to the ground using the sticky dots on the tiles.

Step 3

install rows of tile on either side of first row

install rows of tile on either side of first row

Install the Rows

Once the first row is installed, checking the straightness as you go, install the rows on either side of the first row. Be sure that the tiles are fitting snuggly together.

Step 4

cut the border tiles

cut the border tiles

Cut the Border Tiles

Mark the first tile with the utility knife by notching the edge on the top and bottom. Flip the tile over and cut between the marks with the carpet knife using the carpenter's square.

Step 5

Make a Marked Cut

To accommodate the door jamb or cased opening, make a marked cut. Cut tile at the mark and slide it into place. Make another mark at the foot of the baseboard.

Step 6

Place the Tiles

Peel the film from the adhesive dots and snug the tile into place. Continue cutting border tiles by marking face up and cutting face down. Make several passes with the utility knife to complete the cut.