Step 1



Installing tinted light green glass inserts

Install First Piece

Make sure to start with a smooth, clean, white surface so that nothing shows through your frosted glass. Set your first pre-cut piece of frosted glass in place with the frosted side against the wall and the smooth side facing the room. Use gloves (or suction cups) when handling the glass, as the oils from your hands will leave fingerprints.

Step 2

Secure Glass to Wall

Once your piece is where you want it to be, lock it into place along its top edge by nailing a piece of quarter round molding up into your cabinets (Image 1). This will keep the top from kicking out or toppling over. There is no glue involved in installing this backsplash because it will show right through the frosted glass! If there are no cabinets bordering the top of your glass, find creative ways to lock the glass in at the top, such as using the bracket for the vent hood (Image 2).

Step 3



Threading the screw to install a glass backsplash

Thread Screws Through Glass

When installing pieces around screw and vent holes, make sure the holes in the glass match up with the holes in the wall. Be careful not to crack the glass on any exposed screws. Pull these screws through the glass with thread, if necessary.

Step 4



Putting silicone around the circumference of a hole for a glass backsplash

Seal Holes With Silicone

Make sure to seal any large holes which might filter in dirt and debris (such as holes for the hood’s vent work) with clear silicone. If you don’t seal these holes, the debris could fall behind the backsplash.

Step 5



Installing the center piece for a glass backsplash

Continue Installation

Repeat steps 1-4 as necessary for all remaining sheets of glass.

Step 6

Seal Seams

Once all of the pieces are in place, seal the seam at the bottom along the countertop with a bead of clear silicone (Image 1). This will keep the glass in at the bottom and keep any water or debris from getting behind the glass. Tape off and seal all vertical seams with clear silicone as well (Image 2).