Clean the Wall

Clean the wall where the backsplash is to be installed.

Step 1



Lay Out the Brick

Lay out a small section of brick to achieve desired pattern.

Step 2



Use a Wooden Dowel

Use a wooden dowel vertically and horizontally as a spacer to get the grout lines.

Step 3



Place the Brick on the Wall

Apply high strength construction adhesive to brick, and then place the brick on wall in the desired location.

Step 4



Work One Layer at a Time

Install one layer at a time until the wall is full.

Step 5

Use a Tile Saw to Cut the Bricks

Make any cuts of the brick tile with a tile saw. Get the look of aged brick by roughing up the edges of the tiles with the edge of a tile saw.

Step 6

Apply the Grout

When all the brick is secured to the wall and given plenty of time to set, (about a day) mix the grout and apply to spaces between the bricks using a trowel. When the grout is dry, apply sealant.