Step 1



Decide on a Pattern

Choose a tile pattern by laying the tiles in a couple designs (Image 1). Margaret chooses a diagonal pattern with an inlay and a border.

Backsplash Installation Tips:

- Wipe excess thinset off tile after it has been applied to avoid staining any light-colored tile.
- Natural stone tiles will sometimes be slightly different sizes and uneven, but they will have a uniform appearance after they are grouted.

Safety Alert: Wear safety glasses while operating a wet tile saw.

Step 2



Cut the Tiles

Using a wet tile saw, cut the tiles in half to make a border for the bottom edge (Image 1). Mix thinset to a peanut butter consistency.

Step 3

Back Butter and Apply the Half-Cut Tiles

Starting in a corner, back butter the tile with thinset (Image 1). Use a notched trowel, keeping the trowel at a 45-degree angle from the tile. Set the tile against the wall and wiggle it a little to create suction (Image 2).

For consistent grout lines insert spacers between tiles. Finish the bottom border (Image 3) and start with the diagonal, using diagonally-cut half tiles (Image 4), back buttering them, setting and then wiggling them against the wall.

Step 4



Apply the Full Tiles

After the diagonal line of half tiles are in place, begin setting the full tiles, turned diagonally (Image 1). He cuts the full tiles to incorporate the inlay and finishes the wall. When all the tiles have set for at least 24 hours grout the wall’s backsplash.