Step 1



Make Measurements

Start by measuring the amount of wall you want to cover with the tile. If the tiles need to be cut to fit the area, use a wet saw to trim the sheets of rock to fit perfectly flush against a vanity or other flat area.

Note: These rocks can be tricky to cut. Wear gloves and safety glasses during this step.

Pro Tip

Order tiles that have already been treated with a topcoat to save time and ensure your tiles will be protected.

Step 2



Apply the Thinset

Apply a very thin layer of thinset to the wall with a grooved trowel. Apply one section at a time so that you can get the tiles up before the thinset dries.

Step 3

Apply the Tiles

Press the mesh backed squares firmly onto the wall. Adjust to fit snugly before the thinset dries (Image 1).

Pro Tip

Be sure to apply each section of tile snugly against the previous one for a uniform look (Image 2).

Step 4

Grout the Tile

Allow the tile to set for a day. If your pebble tiles are round as opposed to flat, use an "icing" method to grout the tiles to ensure you get grout in between the uneven rocks.

Tape the corner of a freezer bag; then fill with grout (Image 1). Cut a small hole in the taped corner of the bag for a squeeze tip applicator.

Squeeze the grout into the grooves between the rocks (Image 2). Wipe with a damp sponge to get an even finish (Image 3).