From Unbalanced Great Room to Moroccan-Inspired Fireplace Lounge

The Room Crashers team turns this colorful yet disjointed great room into a Moroccan-inspired fireplace lounge with a balanced and unified floor plan.

Before: Eclectically Cluttered

Although colorful and full of personality, this living room lacks cohesiveness and balance. And with little storage, the room appears cluttered and busy.

After: Modern Lounging

Once a messy and cramped living room, this open lounge area now feels more spacious and simplified. Various light sources mixed with soothing hues of green and yellow work together to create a truly relaxing environment.

Before: Bland Dining

Unlike the adjacent living room, this dining area is completely bland and drained of all color, except for the denim-blue draperies and silk flower arrangement. Because the two spaces are connected, the design style should flow consistently from one space to the next.

After: Fine Dining

Before, it felt like you were dining at Grandma's house. Now, it feels like an intimate and modern dining experience. The homeowners can light up the fireplace and feel the warmth from the other side or leave the patio doors open to catch a cool breeze.

After: Warm Welcome

Guests will feel right at home as soon as they walk through the front door. A balanced array of colors and textures creates a warm, rich space without looking overdone. And with gorgeous hardwood floors throughout, the amount of area rugs was limited to just two — underneath the coffee table and in the dining area.

After: A Room of Its Own

Proper lighting can transform a dull space into a romantic retreat. The recessed lighting and modern chandelier provide soft lighting for ultra-relaxing meals.

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