Step 1

Under-Cabinet Lighting 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for installing under-cabinet lighting.

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Step 2

Mount the Lights

Under-cabinet lighting adds light where it's needed most — your countertops. Start by selecting the location for your new lights.

Mount the lights in the center of the bottom of the cabinets. Predrill mounting holes to prevent splitting. And make sure the screws are short enough not to reach into the cabinet.

Entry holes should be as narrow as possible to accommodate the power cords. Hide the holes in back corners and undersides of your cabinets. Leave enough cable from each light to reach the power source. Use cable stays to hold the power cord neatly against the wall.

Step 3

Attach the Plug Ends

Attach plug ends to the bare ends of each cable. All the cables then connect to the extension cord and the cord connects to the power plug.

Add the power switch so it’s hidden yet accessible.