Step 1

Install Cabinet Lighting 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for installing inside cabinet lighting.

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Step 2

Prep the Area

Run cable and cords on top of the cabinets. Plan wiring so that as many holes as possible will be covered when you’re done.

Carefully mark the places where the cable will enter and exit the cabinets.

Cut narrow holes which can be covered by the light fixture.

Step 3

Mount the Housing

Mark the position of the fixture on the inside top of the cabinet. Center the fixture front to back or place it slightly closer to the front of the cabinet.

Remove the lens and gently open the fixture, pulling the bulb compartment out of the housing.

Mount the housing to the cabinet with two screws. Replace the bulb compartment and lens.

Step 4

Connect the Cords to the Power Supply Unit

Mount the power supply on top of the cabinet. Connect the light cords to the power supply unit.

Secure cords to cabinets with insulated staples or plastic ties.

Connect intermediate cords to power supply cord for turning lights on and off. Place switch on power supply cord in a convenient but not obtrusive location

Pro Tip

Route the cords so they will not be pinched or damaged.