Family Friendly Tech 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for Family Friendly Tech.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Sound bars with wireless subwoofers
Power drill
Professionally installed whole-home HD DVR system
Smart phone and tablet apps
USB outlet power strip
GFCI/USB port outlets

Step 2

Tips For Home Technology

1. Install sound bars with wireless subwoofers on TVs to equalize sound quality.

2. Connect TVs to professionally installed whole-home HD DVR system.

3. Deliver music via companion satellite radio connection.

4. Use multi-room capacity to pause show in one room and pick it back up in another.

5. Use remote control locater function to keep up with remotes.

6. Have plenty of storage for recorded shows.

7. Download apps on smart phones and tablets for watching recorded shows and live broadcasts.

8. Create electronics parking station for storing and recharging electronic devices.

Pro Tip

Minimize electronics conflicts with these home tech tips.

Replace regular outlets with GFCI/USB port outlets and install USB outlet power strips for multiple recharging.