Step 1

Treat With a Bleach Solution

Since white pine, the wood selected for the exterior logs, has a tendency to grow mold, the exterior logs were prepped with a bleach solution before staining. For best results, the stain should be applied within 48 hours of the bleach treatment.

Step 2

Apply the Stain

Wearing a respirator to help protect against fumes, apply the stain with an airless paint sprayer (Image 1). Have at least one person follow behind, back-brushing, or smoothing out the stain application by hand with brushes (Image 2). The brushing step helps to ensure an even coat with no bubbles or drips. Since spraying is a faster process than brushing, the challenge is for the "brushers" to complete their work before the stain has a chance to dry. Like stain or paint used on conventional houses, log stain needs to be reapplied every three to five years. The life of the stain can be extended somewhat with a good washing once or twice yearly.