Cut the Molding

Measure the walls and cut the base molding to length with a miter saw. This project used a polystyrene molding that looks like wood but is much less reactive to dampness or heat.

Step 1

Secure the Base Molding

Locate the studs in the wall (image 1) and use a finish nailer to secure the base molding to the wall at the studs (image 2).

Step 2

floor trim installation

floor trim installation

Cut the Pieces

For inside corners, cut the piece to length at a 45-degree angle with a miter saw. Use a coping saw to trim out excess material behind the cut so the pieces fit snugly.

Step 3

Attach the Shoe Molding

Cut the base shoe – a quarter-round molding that goes at the bottom of the base molding – to length and attach it with a finish nailer. Nail it at an angle so that the nail goes downward, into the wood. The nails won't hold if they're driven straight into the polystyrene molding. Miter the corners as with the base molding.