Choose Molding

We already have thin, one-piece molding on the ceiling. We going to install additional molding on the wall a few inches below the existing molding then paint both strips of molding and the space in between to make it look like several pieces of high-end crown molding.

If you already small one-piece molding on the ceiling, determine the size of the new molding. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Adding dentil molding to a more basic molding can add drama and style to something simple.
  • Adding skinny molding to the bottom of average sized moldings can make the entire molding seem larger, thus making your room feel smaller and less daunting.
  • If you have a more rounded molding, try adding two pieces of a squared-off molding, one to each side of the original rounded section.

Measure to determine how much molding you'll need and then add 10 percent for waste.

Step 1



Cut and Install the Molding

Use a miter box and hand saw to cut the molding to size.

Glue and nail the molding into place with a nail gun. For thicker molding, leave a two-inch gap in between the existing molding and the molding you just added. For thinner molding, such as the type we used, try a four-inch gap.

Step 2



Paint the Molding

Paint the new, old molding and the space in between the same color so that it looks like one continuous piece.