How to Build a Wall Hanging Jewelry Rack

Is your jewelry stash a tangled mess? Straighten out with this handy, easy-to-build jewelry organizer.





Tools and Materials:

  • (2) 1x2 x 8’
  • (1) 2’ x 2’ 1/2” plywood
  • wood glue
  • clamps
  • measuring tape
  • safety glasses
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • paint trays
  • drill with a Phillips bit and 1/16” bit
  • (2) 5/8” wood screws
  • brad nailer with 2” brad nails
  • picture hanging wire
  • wire cutters
  • (2) D-rings with hardware
  • miter saw
  • 5/8" cup hooks
  • 1/2" cup hooks

Cut List:

  • ½ plywood @ 24”x 24” (PIECE A)
  • (4) 1x2 @ 5” (PIECES B, C, D, E)
  • (2) 1x2 @ 10-1/2” (PIECES F, G)
  • (2) 1x2 @ 13-1/2” (PIECES H, I)
  • (2) 1x2 @ 24” (PIECES J, K)
  • (2) 1x2 @ 22-1/2” (PICES L, M)

TIP: If your hardware store doesn’t carry precut 2’ x 2’ squares of 1/2” plywood, simply find the smallest size they do carry and ask them to cut the sheet in store for you.

Step 1: Cut Wood



Use a miter saw to cut the 1x2 wood into measurements in the cut list. If you don’t own a miter saw, use a hand saw, circular saw or rent one from the hardware store, or you can ask the hardware store if they will cut it for you.

Step 2: Paint

We painted our jewelry rack three different colors. The plywood backing is rose pink, the outer rims are burnt orange and the side pieces are terracotta/nude. Be sure to let the paint dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 3: Pre-Drill Holes for Cup Hooks

When the paint is dry, use a 1/16” drill bit to create small pilot holes across the bottom sides of the following 1x2 pieces: (8) holes evenly spaced across one of the 24” pieces [PIECE J]; (9) holes evenly spaced across one of the 10-1/2” [PIECE F]; and (5) holes evenly spaced across two of the 5” pieces [PIECES B and C].

Step 4: Insert Cup Hooks



Twist in (8) of the 5/8” cup hooks across the 24” piece and (19) of the 1/2” hooks in the remaining pieces.

Step 5: Attach Frame to Base



Use wood glue, clamps and a brad nailer to attach (2) 24” 1x2 pieces [PIECES J,K] to the top and bottom of the plywood. The 24” piece with the hooks should be the top piece (with the hooks facing down). Apply wood glue along the edges of the 1x2 pieces and secure them using 2” brad nails. Repeat for the two 22-1/2” [PIECES L,M] side pieces.

Step 6: Create Design

Secure the remaining 1x2 pieces to the inside of the frame. We used (2) 10-1/2” pieces [PIECES F,G] as the top and bottom (making sure the piece with the hooks is on the top) and (2) 13-1/2” pieces [PIECES H,I] as the sides to create a square design in the middle. Attach the remaining (4) 5” pieces on each side of the box, making sure the (2) 5” pieces with the hooks are on left and right sides with the hooks facing downward. Make sure you watch where the 2” brad nails are secured in the board, avoiding sections with the hooks.

Step 7: Add Hanging Hardware

Flip the jewelry organizer over and measure three inches down from the top. Make two marks on each side and attach both D Rings with two 5/8” wood screws. Thread the wire through the rings twisting until it is securely attached. Use a wire cutter to remove excess.

Step 8: Add Jewelry



Hang your new organizer on the wall and display your favorite gems. This project is so easy to build and customize for any room. Have fun with the layout, color and size, just make it yours.

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