Sketch Out the Cabinet

Carefully measure the available wall space and sketch out a design, with dimensions, for the cabinet. Karl's design for this wall cabinet includes storage areas with doors, plus individual compartments for each family member. For a simpler project, follow Karl's example and adjust the dimensions to accommodate pre-made cabinet doors.

Step 1

Cut the Lumber

Carefully measure and cut the cabinet pieces form 1/2" plywood. Make sure to keep cuts straight and even for a good final fit.

Step 2

Assemble the Cabinet

Use wood glue and nails to carefully assemble the "box" part of the cabinet. Once the outer shell is completed, glue the plywood shelves in position inside the frame, securing with nails.

Step 3

Install the Shelf Dividers

Use a hammer and nails to attach the vertical shelf dividers.

Step 4



Trim Out the Front

Use wood glue to attach 1" x 2" cabinet facing to the front of the cabinet. Tack in place with finish nails and fill the nail holes with putty.

Step 5

Sand and Finish

Sand the cabinet and doors with an electric sander. Stain to match the surrounding cabinetry, following the stain manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6

Install the Cabinet

Once all glue and finishes have dried completely, install the cabinet on the wall. Locate and mark the position of the wall studs, then measure and mark corresponding points on the inside of the cabinet. Have someone help lift the cabinet into place and check for level (Image 1). Attach to the wall studs with screws (Image 2).

Step 7

Attach the Doors

Once the cabinet is in place, attach the doors with hinges and screws.