Cut List

PIECE A - (3) horizontal plywood plates 18” x 24”

PIECE B - (2) plywood bottom short rails 3” x 16-1/2”

PIECE C - (2) plywood bottom long rails 3” x 24”

PIECE D - (4) plywood mid and top short rails 4” x 16-1/2”

PIECE E - (4) plywood mid and top long rails 4” x 24”

PIECE F - (4) plywood long leg side 4-3/4” x 24”

PIECE G - (4) plywood short leg side 4” x 24”

Step 1

Cut the Platform Pieces

Cut the three Piece A’s.

Step 2

Make a Grid

Use a square and a straight edge to mark the centerline so you can layout the holes. Mark 4” spacing as shown on one of the A Pieces.

Step 3

Drill Holes

Stack two Piece A's on top of each other and pin or clamp them together with the centerline marked piece on top. (Do not glue, you will be separating after cutting holes.) It is helpful to put a scrap piece of plywood under the panels while you are drilling to avoid blowouts.

Step 4

Cut Slots

To accommodate larger handled tools like a post-hole digger, connect holes of your choice to create a slot.  Mark a reference line from the edges of one hole to another and cut out using a jigsaw.

Step 5

Smooth Sharp Edges

Separate the two Piece A’s. Use a router with a small round-over bit to smooth the edges of all the holes and slots on both sides of the two Piece A’s with holes.

Step 6

Finish Cut List

Cut out the remaining Pieces C through G.

Step 7

Assemble Legs

Glue and nail four leg assemblies together by overlapping one Piece F and one Piece G, ensure that Piece G butts into Piece F.  This corner leg should now have sides of length 4-3/4”.

Step 8

Build Bottom Frame

Assemble the bottom frame by gluing and nailing Piece B’s to Piece C’s.  Ensure the Piece B’s are inside of the Piece C’s.

Step 9

Fasten Legs to Bottom Frame

Glue the four leg corner assemblies to the frame, with the frame flush to the floor. To align all the legs in a symmetrical orientation to keep butt joints consistent.

Step 10

Add Bottom Platform

Glue and nail the last Piece A on top of the bottom frame, inside the legs.

Step 11

Add Supports for Middle Frame

Using two Piece D’s as spacers, glue and nail two Piece E’s on the long sides of the inside of the box, then glue and nail those two Piece D’s in between, aligning them flush.

Step 12

Install Middle Platform

Glue and nail one Piece A with the holes, on top of the mid-frame supports.

Step 13

Install Remaining Supports

In a similar fashion as before, glue and nail the remaining two Piece D’s and two Piece E’s; place them 3/4” below the top of the box so the top platform will be flush with the top of the legs. It is helpful to use a scrap piece of plywood as a spacer as shown.

Step 14

Install Top Platform

Glue and nail the second Piece A to the top frame supports.  

Step 15

Smooth Rough Edges

Using the router and small round-over bit, relieve all the outside edges.

Step 16

Add Wheels

Turn over the cart and screw a caster into all four corners.

Step 17

Optional: Install Hooks

Add hooks on the sides for additional storage.