Create a Scale Drawing

Draw a diagram of the finished cabinet to use as a reference when building this project. A scale drawing on graph paper makes it easier to get the dimensions right.

Step 1

Cut the Cabinet Pieces

Cut the pieces for the cabinet shell from 1/2" birch plywood according to the diagram measurements. Use a framing square to mark and cut straight lines.

Step 2



Drill Holes

Drill holes in the cabinet sides for adjustable shelf pins. To get evenly spaced, standard-sizes holes, clamp a piece of pegboard of top of the plywood sides. Use the holes in the pegboard as a guide to drill partway through to the side pieces.

Pro Tip

Use a jig – or just a piece of tape wrapped around the drill bit – to keep from drilling too far into the plywood.

Step 3



Assemble the Cabinet

Use wood glue and a nail gun to assemble the "box" of the cabinet, make sure all 90-degree joints are squared off.

Step 4

Paint the Cabinet Pieces

Prime and paint the cabinet pieces, allow the primer time to dry before painting. Also prime and paint the pieces that will form the dividers and adjustable shelves.

Step 5

Attach the Dividers

With the outside shell built, add in the vertical dividers inside the shell. Draw faint lines on the bottom of the shell to help line up the pieces. Tap the dividers into place and make sure they are square. Also, measure at the top and bottom of the dividers to make sure they are parallel. Secure the dividers with screws.

Step 6

Add the Trim

Add the face trim to the front of the cabinet to cover the raw edges of the plywood. The outside edges of the cabinet face will be covered with trim once it's installed. Prime and paint the entire piece as desired.