Handmade Furniture by Carpenter Clint Harp

As seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper , Clint Harp of Harp Design Co. specializes in furniture transformations: turning pallets into hutches, barn wood into tables, and reclaimed wood into artwork. Here, he shares some of his favorites.

©Courtesy of Clint Harp

©Courtesy of Clint Harp

©Courtesy of Clint Harp

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©Courtesy of Clint Harp

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©Courtesy of Clint Harp

©Courtesy of Clint Harp

Magnolia Farms Table and Benches

As soon as Fixer Upper’s Joanna Gaines knew they were buying the farm, she started talking to me about going big with an outdoor table that would definitely make a statement and fit in with the surrounding landscape. After measuring out the space together we agreed a ten-foot table with matching benches was the only way to go. Because it was going to be totally exposed to the elements (including the relentless Texas sun), we built this table with pressure-treated wood. From there we used our aging and distressing techniques specific to the Magnolia Farms furniture collection and came up with this!

English Breadboard Table

While custom orders are a large part of what we do, we love it when we get to just build something from our own inspiration. We found this beautiful wood along with some amazing beam stumps. We turned the stumps for legs and created this. The curved corners on the table top, and really the whole table itself, were inspired by a trip we had taken to the U.K. where we toured as many places as we could find with amazing old furniture.

Turned Table Legs

When I first started turning legs on my lathe, it took me an incredibly long time to do just one. I was unsure of what I was doing and questioning my decision to leave a high-paying sales job to chase my dream of building furniture. One day I took a leg home, which took me too long to make and just told my wife how much of a failure I felt like. I cried, and my supportive wife listened and told me how much she loved the leg even if it took me too long. My kids took the leg and put encouraging stickers all over it. I took it back to the shop and leaned it in the corner as a reminder of my family’s love and support. One day, Joanna came to the shop to finalize some designs we were working on. She saw that leg in the corner with stickers all over it and said, ”That’s the leg I want for the magnolia farms tables!”

The Austin Church Hutch

When I first started building in my shop in Waco, I was called by a friend whose church was looking for a custom hutch and specifically liked the idea of one being made from reclaimed wood. I built this for them completely out of reclaimed oak and pecan pallets I found behind a local factory. This piece is truly one of a kind!

Charming Outdoor Table

A few months after I met Chip and Joanna Gaines, Jo asked me to be a part of filming the pilot episode for Fixer Upper. Because we specialize in using reclaimed wood, Jo knew she could ask me to do a little something special for this house. She asked her guys to keep some of the shiplap wood they recovered in the demo phase so that I could make a table from it. I made this table literally from the old walls of their house.

Turned Stump Pedestal Before

We constantly find ourselves looking for new materials wherever we can find them. One day we found a massive burn pile on a friend’s property. He had thrown massive chunks from old beams into the pile and we quickly pulled them out! I took this stump, cut it down, and threw it on the lathe.

Turned Stump Pedestal After

After a bit of turning, sanding and some tongue oil, we came up with this! Now we make these regularly in our shop with each one turned with its own unique design.

The Threshing Floor Farm Table

When we can, we use reclaimed wood that we personally pull out of old houses, burn piles or wherever else we can find it. Occasionally, however, we get a request to build something that we don’t actually have the materials for. In the case of this table, the client wanted a table built with two-inch thick wood. We called up a local company here in Waco who specializes in barn restoration. They ended up having this wood which was pulled from the threshing floor of a wheat farmer. Years of threshing wheat on this wood gave it a character like no other and gave our clients a table that will tell its own story.

Hunting Lodge Bunk Beds

A business woman here in Waco wanted matching bunk beds for her family’s ranch, which was about an hour outside of town. She wanted unique beds which would be a staple of their lodge. With eight beams all 9-feet tall, we constructed the basic framework of these beds in our shop. After a couple of weeks of construction, we took all the pieces, including hundred-year-old barn wood, and built these matching bunk beds on site.

Console Table With Character

Sometimes furniture design can be incredibly simple. What can set the finished product off is what kind of materials you use. For this Magnolia Farms console table, we used oak slats we found from pallets. It's not super common to find oak pallets, but when we do we love it! The oak is weathered and beautiful and gives an otherwise simple design enough character to stand alone. For me, this table means so much because it was a part of the first set I made for the Magnolia Farms collection.

Historically-inspired Pedestal Table

Once, a local business man in Waco bought a couple of historic mansions. He tore down one, and he renovated the other into a bed and breakfast. With the torn down mansion, he ended up giving us a giant load of wood. We built him a couple pieces for the bed and breakfast with that wood. This pedestal table ended up being a great piece that fit right into his perfectly renovated historic mansion!

A New Color Choice

For the first season of Fixer Upper, JoJo wanted to showcase a few of the Magnolia Farms furniture pieces. In an attempt to change things up a bit, she wanted to get away from the white we normally use and paint the bases of this 9-foot table and matching benches black. Typically we distress the white painted legs, but as we started distressing these black legs in the shop, we weren't really happy with the outcome. I called Jo and had her come look at it, and it was clear distressing wasn't the way to go. Instead, we applied a smooth black finish and came up with a new look to add to the Magnolia Farms collection!

Furniture With Impact

We love to make furniture, and as a business, we love to sell furniture. But when we can, we love to give furniture. This bed was made for a local family here in Waco battling to get back on their feet. Their son was sleeping on the floor of their drafty house. Giving furniture away was an original part of the DNA of Harp Design Co. So when we were alerted of this family by a local organization, we were thankful for the opportunity to do something for our neighbors.

Whiskey Box

Here in Waco we are proud to be home to Balcones Whiskey Distillery. They called us up one day looking for some unique display boxes which would house a special collection of their whiskeys and rums. At the same time that they requested these boxes, we were given an unrelated opportunity to tear down an old barn just outside of Waco. We made the boxes with the wood from that old barn.

The Melissa Table

A friend of ours came to us one day after she and her husband bought their first house. She explained they were doing extensive renovations and had kept a bunch of wood from the house and wondered if we could build her table from that wood to always be a reminder of their first house. This table top is made from the old walls in her house and now sits as a focal point in their dining room. We made the pedestals from old tree stumps and some other reclaimed barn wood.

Limoges Cabinet

At first we didn’t even know what Limoges was. It turns out it’s a porcelain ornament made in Limoges, France. We were happy to make this display cabinet for a family who wanted to display their growing Limoges collection. Made from reclaimed old growth pine and pallet post, we made this one-of-a-kind piece with little knowledge of Limoges or how to make a cabinet. In the end, like everything else, we jumped out there and tried something new and came up with something pretty special.

The River Dog Table

When I first quit my job in sales and started building furniture in my garage, I didn’t have any materials to work with. So my first thought was to go and find some pallets and any other free wood I could get my hands on. That summer I broke down countless pallets and came up with this! I tongue and grooved thirty-six pieces together to make the top, which in the end, looked like a section of wood floor turned into a table! I named this table The River Dog, because many years before I made this table I dreamed of starting “River Dog Furniture, Co.”

Church Pew

This is a custom pew built from reclaimed wood. The fun part about this pew is that we had never built a pew before. So, like usual, we put our heads together and came up with a mix of tried-and-true methods with our own Harp Design Co. methods and came up with this. To me, this pew is just one more reminder of what can happen if you work together as a team and just try.

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