Measure and Mark Around the Damaged Area

Measure around the opening and use a speed square to mark a square around the area. Use a utility knife to square the edges of the opening.

Step 1

measure and cut the patch

measure and cut the patch

Measure and Cut the Patch

Measure the square, then transfer the measurement to a larger piece of drywall that will serve as the patch. Trim the piece to one and half-inches larger than the square.

Step 2

remove part of drywall material around square

remove part of drywall material around square

Remove the Drywall Material Outside the Square

Remove part of the drywall material around the square, leaving the drywall paper on one side of the patch.

Step 3

Fit the Patch

Dry fit the patch by inserting it into the square hole in the wall. Adjust as necessary to achieve a good fit, then cover the wall area with drywall mud (Image 1). Insert the patch into the hole (Image 2) and press the edges into the drywall mud to adhere.

Step 4

Cover the Area With Joint Compound, Sand and Paint

Use a joint knife or a putty knife to spread a layer of drywall compound approximately 1/8" thick (Image 1); feather the edges outward.

Cut pieces drywall tape two inches longer than patch and wider than the patch. Place the tape over the seams of your patch; rake the tape downward with a putty knife, then spread another wide layer of compound over the tape, again feathering the edges outward. Allow the area to dry, sand it smooth (Image 2) and apply paint.