DIY Network Blog Cabin 2016 in Panacea, FL

Photo by: Christopher Shane

Christopher Shane

With lots of white walls next to a color filled salt-water fish tank, we knew we needed to extend that excitement into the rest of the room. While a full wall treatment could have detracted from the beauty of the tank, we opted for this partial wall of nested fish scales.

Step 1



Create Template

Start by making your own design. Nested designs are easy to find online if you can’t draw your own. Make one full-size tile taking the time to make sure it’s perfectly cut and finished. Then trace that template onto sheets of plywood. For a varied pattern, alternate plywood thickness such as 3/4” and 5/8” furniture-grade sheets. 

Step 2

Cut Pattern

Cut the pieces using a jigsaw with a new wood blade. If your cut isn’t perfect, err to the outside of the line. Fasten the template to your rough cut pieces using 1-1/2” wood screws to bind the two together. 

Step 3

Route and Paint

With the template side down, clamp the bound pieces to a work surface. Using a bottom-bearing, flush-trim bit, route the edge of the rough cut piece until it matches the perfect template. Lightly sand the edge of the tiles with an orbital sander. Then paint each one in varied satin latex paint colors. 

Step 4

Attach to Wall

Layout your wall pattern to decide where each tile will land before installing them on the wall. Also consider outlets and switch locations that might interfere with mounting. Useg construction adhesive to install each tile on the wall and fasten with two 1-1/4” 15-gauge finish nails.