Step 1

Transfer Outlet Cutouts

When installing thin paneling, put up drywall as a substrate for the paneling to attach to.

For transferring electrical outlet cutouts onto the drywall, use lipstick or another marking tool to leave an impression on the drywall (Image 1). Trace around the outlet box (Image 2), set the drywall in place and press it up against the boxes.

Step 2

use spacers so drywall does not touch concrete

use spacers so drywall does not touch concrete

Install Spacers

Use spacers so the drywall doesn't touch the concrete floor and possibly pick up any moisture that might be present in the concrete. Allow a 1/2" space between the drywall and the floor.

Step 3

Attach the Drywall

Use a drywall saw to cut outlet markings outside the lines on drywall (Image 1).

Secure the drywall to the studs (Image 2). Countersink the screws, making sure to only dimple the paper. Be careful not to break through the paper or this will compromise the structural integrity of the drywall.

Make reference lines on the drywall (Image 3) as a stud reference when screwing in the drywall.

For windows, cover the window and come back to cut it out after the drywall is secure (Image 4).