Step 1

Mark the New Wall

Use a tape measure to mark the new wall, measuring from the existing wall. Snap a chalk line along the marks (Image 1).

Then measure from the ceiling to the floor joist above to determine the length of the studs (Image 2). Subtract 3" from that measurement to account for the top and bottom plates -- one 2x4 on top and one 2x4 on bottom.

Step 2

Cut the Boards

Use the measurements taken earlier to mark the 2x4(s) with a speed square (Image 1), and cut the boards to length.

When the boards are cut, lay out the pieces: one on the top and one on the bottom, and a board perpendicular at every 16" on center (Image 2).

Step 3

Secure the Boards

Use a nail gun to secure the boards together. Shoot two nails per board.

Get help raising the wall to the chalk line (Image 1). Use a mallet to adjust the board to the mark (Image 2).

Step 4



Secure the Floating Wall

Check to make sure the new wall is plumb and level.

Use the Ramset to fire a nail into the center of every other stud to secure the new floating wall. Finish framing the rest of the basement.