Accent walls can range from mild to wild. So can the costs and difficulty level. Cladding a wall with a firewood veneer is a quick and easy.

It's important that the wood be seasoned so that it is easier to cut and doesn't introduce moisture to the room. 

Step 1




Prep the Wall

Start by prepping the wall with a nailable surface. We used 1/2" oriented strand-board and 2" drywall screws to attach the sheathing directly to the existing studs. Keep in mind any plumbing or electrical that would need to be extended through the sheathing and firewood cladding. Because there will be small gaps between the pieces of firewood, paint the wall with flat black paint for spots that show through.

Step 2

Slice Firewood

While the paint is drying, cut the firewood into 1" slices. Using a chop saw, firmly place the flat sides of the firewood against the saw table and back stop. Be extremely careful while cutting as any shift can cause the blade to bind and try to pull the piece into the saw. Safety consciousness and gear are important here. Continue cutting the wood into 1" slices. Since firewood is usually sold by the cord, every 1/10th cord should cover about 100 square feet.

Step 3

Attach to Wall

To adhere each piece to the wall, use a dab of construction adhesive on the backside. Then pin it with a 15-gauge nail driven at an angle into the sheathing. Start in one corner and work your way out.

Step 4

Find the Perfect Fit

Take your time nesting the pieces to each other for a tight fit. If necessary, use a chisel to shape each piece for a better fit. Continue working your way across the wall. Around any existing electrical or plumbing, be sure to give enough room for maintenance later.

Step 5

Fill in Gaps

Once most of the wall is complete, stand back and look for small voids. Particularly near other walls, you will have small spots where full sized pieces won't fit. Use the small chiseled off remnants to fill these spaces.