Create a Moisture Barrier and Add a Lath

Note: Stone veneers come in boxes of flats (measured in square feet) and pre-molded corners. These can be purchased at major hardware stores. The veneers look like real stone, but they're made by pouring a mixture of cement into stone-shaped molds. These molds are individually airbrushed in different colors to give them natural variation.

For exterior wood walls, first create a moisture barrier. Do this by applying roofing felt or house wrap over the surface with standard nails. For masonry walls, this step is not needed.

For the mortar to stick to the surface, attach a metal lath to the wall with nails or screws. For masonry walls use masonry nails or screws.

Step 1



Apply Mortar and Attach Stones

Once the lath is attached, apply mortar to the lath, 1/16" to 1/8" thick. Then apply mortar to the stone and attach to the surface. Hold the stone against the surface for five seconds until it sets.

Step 2

Fill in Gaps

Laying stone is like putting a puzzle together, so find the best place for each stone (Image 1). Not all pieces will fit properly. To fill in gaps use a pencil to mark the size of stone you need. Then use a cut-off grinder to shape the stone (Image 2).

For a finished look, fill in the spaces between the stones with type "S" mortar using a grout bag.