Start With a Plan

Decide what kind of design you want and remember the smaller the wall size is the simpler it has to be. A complicated design will take more slats to give it the clarity needed. Also be sure to pay attention to where any switches or outlets fall, which could interrupt the design.

Step 1

Cut the Plywood

Rip the plywood into 1” strips on a table saw.

Step 2

Trim the Strips

Trim the strips to length on a chop saw. Don't worry about the design just yet.

Step 3

Sketch the Design

Stack the strips edge-side up on a work bench. Sketch the design full size over all the strips. Because the strips will form a slat pattern on the wall, every other strip is the spacer. You can use the spacer slats on a second design, since they will not be cut.

Step 4

Coat the Strips

Give the strips a first coat of polyurethane on the bench and allow them to dry. Only coat the strips to be used.

Step 5

Cut Out the Design

Cut each strip along the design. Make sure you cut on the side of the design that is removed.

Step 6

Add Strips Back Together

Place each piece back into the puzzle so as to not mix up where each goes in the overall design.

Step 7

Apply Adhesive

Apply a light bead of construction adhesive to the back of each strip.

Step 8

Install Strips

Then use a level and stud finder to install each strip using 2” 15 gauge finish nails into the studs.

Step 9

Keep It Aligned

Use the spacer strips to keep a consistent and aligned pattern.

Step 10

Use a Level

Continue to use the level and spacers to ensure the pattern stays aligned.

Step 11

Fill the Holes

Fill the nail holes with a blond wood putty.

Step 12

Create Your Own

Creating your own custom wood slat wall design is a way to add a touch of modern flair to any room with breaking the bank. Not only is it incredibly economical, but it is a project suitable for almost any DIYer.