Updating a Walk-In Closet 01:01

Here are the DIY Basics for Updating a Walk-In Closet.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Online design tool
Steel track
Vertical panels
Cam shelves
Drawer glides and drawers
Pre-cut rods
Slide-out racks
Tiling hamper
Foldout ironing board
Valet rod
Laser level
Measuring tape
Power drill
Cam fitting
Cam screws
Shelf pin
Drawer face screws
Full-length mirror
Screw-in, motion detector light
Crown molding

Step 2

Tips for Updating a Walk-In Closet

1. Use online tool to create your own custom closet design.

2. Use laser level to position steel track.

3. Hang vertical panels on track and attach fixed shelves.

4. Install glides on vertical panels for drawers.

5. Use pins to adjust shelves for shoes.

6. Double up on hanging rods to maximize storage.

7. Don’t forget accessories like slide-out racks for ties, belts, pants and scarves; foldout ironing board; valet pole for fresh-pressed outfits; and hidden hamper for dirty laundry.

8. For built-in look, install crown molding.

9. Install motion sensor in overhead light socket.

Pro Tip

Add value and efficiency to your home by upgrading a walk-in closet with custom shelves, drawers, double hanging rods, and accessories.

Anchor closet with hutch or island.

Make sure you have enough space to open drawers.

Create separate his and her areas.

Match color and hardware finishes to home’s décor.

Secure it to wall studs.

Installation is easier with precut rods.