Step 1

Installing a Closet Organizer 01:00

Here are the DIY Basics on installing a closet organizer.

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Step 2

Prepare for the Project

First, be sure to measure your closet for height, length and depth. There are several closet organizer kits sizes to choose from. For this particular project, we installed a laminate shelf unit with drawers and hangers. Remove everything except the shelf support from the existing closet.

Step 3

Assemble the Drawer

Assemble the drawer by drilling the back and sides together (image 1) with screws, and then the front. Add the bottom piece of the drawer, and attach the handles to the front (image 2)

Step 4

Attach the Guide Rails and Brackets

Add the drawer glides to the bottom. The glides are marked left and right, and the rollers should face outward. Attach the guide rails (image 1), which are marked left and right. Now it's time to attach the brackets (image 2) to the wall.

If you're adding extra baskets or shelves, now is the time to attach them. Add a middle shelf 25 holes up from the bottom. Note that more shelves can be placed now.

Step 5



Install Shelving

Add the top and bottom shelves to one side using the long screws, and attach the remaining side. Stand the unit up and move it into place, lining up the brackets with the shelf support.

Step 6



Polish Off the New Look

Attach the hanging brackets onto the support. Check to make sure the unit is level and flush to the wall. Add the pole brackets and your old closet will have a new, organized look.