Before-and-After Makeovers: Mudrooms, Laundry Rooms, Basements and More

Don't let your mudroom, basement or garage fall victim to clutter and neglect. Update your specialty rooms with these money-saving ideas from DIY Network's Money Hunters.
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After: Smartly Organized

Rather than extending the back wall of the utility room to add extra space, the old windows were removed and smaller, more energy efficient replacements were installed, allowing for additional storage space below the windows. The calm blue wall color helps visually expand the space and provides a classic look that will last for years to come.

Before: Unsightly Clutter

Bright yellow walls and floor-to-ceiling clutter make this mudroom/utility room an extremely overwhelming space. This room needs a lot of storage cabinets and a tranquil hue to turn it around.

Before: Dungeon-Style Garage

This cold and dreary space looks more like a dungeon than a garage. There is significant water damage, and the old, crumbling walls leak from the moisture in the backyard. Working with an extremely tight budget, this garage needs to somehow house a gardening station, workspace and a car.

After: State-of-the-Art Workshop

To create this stunning multifunctional garage, the damaged walls were repaired and covered with a water-sealing paint. To prevent future water damage from happening, the landscape was re-graded and a French drain was installed. To make this a comfortable year-round workshop, a portion of the budget was used to install new electrical wiring, a ceiling fan and an infrared heater.

Before: Dingy Mudroom

This bleak mudroom is not an impressive entry to the home. The cinderblock walls, exposed pipes and worn concrete floors could use a serious (and colorful) uplift. Plus, this space needs to serve as a multifunctional mudroom/laundry room/utility room without the electrical eyesores.

After: Vibrant and Inviting

The homeowners wanted the mudroom to look finished. A drop ceiling covers pipes and wiring, yet keeps them easily accessible. New recessed lighting replaced the single hanging light bulb to create a brighter and more inviting space. Cold concrete floors were covered with durable and colorful flooring. The small powder room was given a makeover of its own with new fixtures, tile and accessories.

Before: Overheated Attic

This sweltering attic definitely serves its purpose as a storage space. However, the homeowners would like to finish the 400-square-foot space and turn it into an engaging and vibrant bonus room with a full bathroom, study and plenty of storage solutions. First, the entire room needs proper insulation, new flooring and drywall to cover the existing wood rafters.

After: Finished in Yellow

Thanks to a complete attic overhaul, the space is now vigorous, inviting and, most importantly, energy efficient. New insulation dramatically brought the temperature down, allowing the space to become a room of its own. New flooring was installed, as well as drywall, trim and recessed lighting. The new bathroom features a single vanity, a glass-enclosed shower and a gorgeous blue-tiled backsplash.

Before: Dirty, Outdated Basement

This dingy, partially finished basement has plenty of potential to be turned into an entertainment oasis. Some walls need to be torn down, the ceiling needs an uplift and the purple carpet has got to go.

After: Fully Equipped Living Space

This unrecognizable basement got a complete makeover from the ceiling down. The homeowners wanted a space ideal for entertaining guests, as well as a full bathroom, a bar and new flooring. The paneled walls were ripped out to create one large open space. A fresh coat of paint and contemporary furniture were added to create a space that looks just as good as the upstairs.

Before: Ready for Remodeling

This unfinished home addition provides the ultimate blank canvas. The homeowners want to turn the new space into a combination mudroom, living room, playroom and bathroom.

After: Brand-New Entry

Offset from the living room, this mudroom area now provides the perfect place to kick off shoes. A cubby- and locker-style built-in unit offers visible storage options and provides bench seating. Low-maintenance flooring replaced bare concrete floors for a complete and finished look.

Before: Uninspiring Study

The home's previous owners used this outdated and wood-paneled space as a library full of wall-to-wall bookshelves. Without the bookshelves, the library serves no purpose and has quickly become a storage room and catchall. The current homeowners want to transform the space into a modern and party-ready home bar, complete with ample seating and fully stocked cabinets.

After: Party-Ready Home Bar

To provide a uniform look throughout the entire home, the baseboards, ceiling and doorways were trimmed in dark wood. Deep red walls and modern lighting immediately emit an inviting, high-end lounge feel. Built-in shelves take up zero space and provide display space.

Before: Boring in White

Situated in a small corner of the house, this washed-out laundry room feels awkward and cramped. To create an open and inviting space, the separating wall needs to be torn down and the old linoleum floors need to be replaced.

After: Lively and Functional

To make the interior of this home look well-coordinated, a wall was torn down to create one large open space. Adjacent to this laundry area, a lively dining area shares the same built-ins, concrete countertops and tile backsplash. New hardwood floors and a neutral wall color help brighten the space and add necessary color.

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