10 Luxe Closet Upgrade Ideas to Steal

Whether you have a tiny closet, a walk-in, or no closet at all, we have 10 clever, luxe ideas you can steal to help organize all of your stuff.

By: Erica Reitman

At some point, most of us have dreamed of a big, sprawling walk-in closet we use to beautifully display all of our fave clothes, shoes, and accessories. Then, we come back to reality and remember — my closet is nothing like that.

The truth is, no matter how big (or small) your closet might be, there are easy tricks to help your closet feel more luxurious and organized.

We’ve rounded up our 10 fave tricks for making your closet feel totally blinged out and luxurious.

1. Kid Closet Upgrade

Add a small wood clothing rack to turn your kid's closet into a showstopper. Bonus points if the rack has some room for storage baskets. Complete the whole look by installing a couple of additional shelves above the rack. 

2. Fresh Flowers

Add an arrangement of beautiful fresh flowers to instantly add style to your closet. Don’t be afraid to add fragrant flowers either, as small spaces really allow the fragrance to fill up the entire space.

3. Unexpected Paint Color

Believe it or not, you can really up the luxe vibe in your closet with some paint.

This pretty blue helps change the look of the entire closet space. You can choose a more subtle color that's cohesive with the rest of the room to help the closet fade away, or paint it a contrasting color if you want your closet to stand out.

4. Merchandise

Treat your closet as if it were a store, and merchandise your own stuff for pretty displays. This works especially well for smaller closets or for odd corners in a larger closet that you’re not sure what to do with.

5. Use an Extra Bedroom as a Closet.

If you have a spare room, create a truly luxe closet space by turning it into a large, walk-in closet. Transform the space into a closet/dressing room, a closet/meditation space, or even a salon by including a big mirror and vanity.

6. Use an Empty Corner.

If you live in a home with few (or zero) closets, get creative by using an empty corner. Use a clothing rack to store clothing, shoes, and other accessories. Look to an empty corner in the entryway or bedroom to create a makeshift closet.

7. Drawer Inserts

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger closet with drawers, inserts completely change your closet organizing game. Think about how you might use the drawer, measure, and go to your local home store to find the perfect inserts. Store scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, makeup, hair accessories and more.

8. Wallpaper

Much like paint, wallpaper helps make your closet space look super luxe. Even with little space in your closet, using wallpaper on the back wall or behind a couple shelves will add the perfect amount of color. For big impact (and if you have the room), install wallpaper in your entire closet.

9. Pretty Light Fixtures

If you already have electricity wired in your closet, switching out your light fixture is easy to do. Even with a simple fixture with a pull-chain, use a kit, like this Philips Hue remote kit, in order to use a standard light fixture. 

10. Take It Out of the Closet

If you have a shoe or handbag collection that is taking up too much room, take those items out of the closet. This will make room for the rest of your stuff, as well as, allowing you to show off and merchandise your favorite items in a different way.

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