White Kitchens: Timeless and Transcendent

Many people believe the only color for the kitchen is white. They love the clean, fresh sanitary feel and the timeless, classic look.
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Photo By: Scott Mayoral

White is Timeless

The warm floor and countertop add balance to this white kitchen. (Design by Sue Adams)

Why White?

The original farmhouse sink was salvaged and reused in this kitchen renovation. (Design by Thomas A. Conway)

Great for Small Spaces

This efficient kitchen gets a visual boost from white cabinets. (Design by Thomas A. Conway)

Contemporary Kitchens

These ebony cabinets complement the white cabinets and countertop. (Design by Christoher J. Grubb)

Get the Right Light

Layer lighting to create warmth and functionality. (Design by Lori Gilder)

Good for Resale

A white kitchen with neutral accents will make buyers feel welcome.

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