Pantry Organization Made Easy

Browse stunning images of beautifully-organized pantries, and get inspired to reorganize your own kitchen storage space.

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Let It Slide

Slide-out racks, drawers and baskets make finding everything you're looking for a breeze.

Up, Up and Away

Make the most of your space, and don't be afraid to stack items all the way to the ceiling when you keep a handy step stool within easy reach.

Spacious Surprise

With a swing-out pantry, you can maintain a sleek look in the kitchen while still having plenty of room for all your cooking essentials.

Time to Purge

Looking to start fresh? Clear all expired, useless products. Then organize what's left into clear, pullout bins. This process will make cooking dinner and packing lunches a snap.

Feels Like Home

For a kitchen pantry that fits your every need and makes use of all available space, combine a moveable cart and behind-the-door storage.

Walk About

A walk-in pantry with shelves stacked high on either side offers plenty of space for spices, canned goods and even dishes. Plus, there's still room to walk around.

Push and Pull

A pullout pantry is the perfect way to gain useful storage space without taking up too much space on its own.

Moving On Up (Or Down)

Make use of adjustable shelving, and make room for all your favorite treats and products.

On Display

When your pantry is this organized, there's no reason to hide it. Skip the doors, and make your kitchen seem larger in turn.

Separation Anxiety

For an extra dose of organization, invest in shelf separators to keep similar items grouped together.

Make It Happen

Are you making the most of your space? If you don't have adequate room in your pantry, consider turning a closet into a luxurious walk-in pantry.

In Clear Sight

Keep fresh produce in sight and on hand with see-through wire baskets — also great for storing snacks!

Adding On

If you need to add pantry space but don't have the money to renovate, simply add spacious shelves to your walls for a custom look on a budget.

Dose of Color

It may not help add storage, but a fresh coat of paint in a fun hue can certainly lift your spirits and make dinner prep a little more fun.

Make Your Own

If you're really running low on pantry space, it's possible to add pullout shelves to a basic cabinet. The result? A storage-packed mini pantry!

Simple Stacking

Whether you're looking to keep dry goods fresh or to group small items together, you can never go wrong with clear, stackable storage containers.

Problem Solved

Think you'd have to have a walk-in pantry to ever have enough storage space? Think again! This pantry, which makes use of pullouts of every kind, creates all the room a person could need.

China Cabinet Alternative

Store your dishes right alongside your nonperishables with wire racks made especially to keep plates safe and sound.

Tray Cute

Make pans and platters look right at home with vertical shelves that make finding and pulling out the right one a piece of cake.

Standalone Solution

One pantry option that often gets overlooked is the standalone pantry unit. But it's the perfect solution for those who don't have a pantry but do have an empty wall or two.

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