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Kitchen Island Makeover 01:00

Here are the DIY Basics for a kitchen island makeover.

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Step 2



Install a Touch-Activated Faucet

A new touch-activated faucet makes kitchen prep and cleanup easy. An arched or gooseneck spout accommodates larger items like big pots and bunches of vegetables. If the sink deck doesn’t have a spray hole, choose a new faucet with a built-in spray. A pull-down spray on the faucet makes rinsing easy.

To install one, start by using a solution of water and vinegar to remove grime left from the old faucet. Try to match the new faucet to existing holes in the sink. If there’s an extra hole, use it for a second dispenser filled with lotion or hand sanitizer.

Step 3

Expand the Eating Space

Add a tabletop next to the island. You can use laminate or wood for the new tabletop. A router on the edges will give a custom look. If you’re expanding your kitchen island with extra eating space, you’ll need 24 inches of legroom for standard table height and 42 inches for bar height. Using pre-turned legs will save time and effort.

Attach the skirt first. Pocket holes (Image 1) will give you a tight joint that won’t need glue. Just clamp on a pocket-hole jig to guide your drill bit. You can also use pocket holes for the legs then attach the top with L brackets (Image 2). A strip of trim will cover the seam then add a new set of chairs and you’re done.