Step 1

Install the Edge Banding

Start by rolling contact cement along the edge of the countertop using a roller (Image 1)

Then press the edge banding firmly in place (Image 2). Smooth the edge banding in place using the J-roller (Image 3).

Use a laminate trimmer to trim the top of the edge banding flush with the countertop.

Step 2



Position the Batten Strips

Roll contact cement onto the countertop.

Once the contact cement tacks up, place batten strips every few inches along the countertop.

Step 3

Secure the Laminate

Estimate where the laminate top should be positioned. Be sure to leave room for the backsplash (Images 1 and 2).

Once you are happy with the alignment, remove the batten strips and press the laminate into place (Image 3).

Use the J-roller to further press the laminate into place and trim any edges that are hanging over (Image 4).

Step 4

Install the Backsplash

Apply adhesive to the backsplash and press it into position along the perimeter of the countertop (Images 1 and 2).

To keep the backsplash in place while the glue dries, use a few scrap pieces of wood and clamps to push it into place (Image 3).