Step 1

slide glazing tips into place

slide glazing tips into place

Slide the Glazing Tips Into Place

Remove the cabinet doors and set them down on a flat solid surface.

Note: It is a good idea to order extra glass in case of damage.

Slide glazing tips into place and press into the wood. Or, use a glazing gun to automatically push the tips into the wood. Put in about 12 per cabinet.

Step 2

Scribe the Glass

Mark your cut lines on the glass panel. Use a T-square and a glasscutter with carbide wheel (Image 1) to scribe the glass.

Run the cutter across the width of the glass. Put the tapping ball under the scribe (Image 2), apply a bit of pressure and the glass will snap off.

Do the same thing for your vertical cut. It's okay if it breaks off in several pieces. If there is a small piece left, use the teeth on the end of the cutter to break it off.

Smooth the entire length with a rubbing stone (Image 3).