Step 1



Mark A Hole for Pre-Drilling

Use a tape measure to find center of the cabinet door frame and mark with pencil. This creates a crosshair with horizontal line.

Line crosshair up with the hole in the jig, then mark the hole where you will pre-drill.

Pro Tip

A jig has pre-measured holes that allow for exact placement of holes for cabinet hardware. Use small bit to make starter hole when drilling holes for pulls and knobs because you can't fix a hole that's too large for the screw. A smaller bit also prevents the hole on the backside of the cabinet from blowing out and splintering.

Step 2



Attach the Cabinet Pull

Next, use small drill bit to make starter hole.

While holding the cabinet pull on the front of the cabinet, screw in from the backside of the cabinet door.

Repeat for the second pull hole.