Step 1

run silicone caulk around edge

run silicone caulk around edge

Run Caulk Along the Edges

Tip: By selecting a prefabricated granite, which has already been cut to a standard depth, you can save nearly $400 in labor costs. Fabricators can cut the prefab slabs to the exact length and form three individual segments. They can also attach the undermount sinks, drill ports to accommodate the faucet type and cut the backsplash pieces to size.

First, run a bead of silicone caulk around the top edge of the lowest cabinet.

Step 2

set slab into position

set slab into position

Position the Slab

Carefully set the heavy slab into position. Repeat the process for the remaining two granite segments, being careful not to damage the mounted sinks.

Step 3

press backsplash into place

press backsplash into place

Press the Backsplash Into Place

Next, it's on to the granite backsplash. Squeeze three large dollops of silicone adhesive and press them into place.

Step 4

Seal with Caulk

To complete the granite installation, seal the seams with bath/tile caulk.

Bathroom Countertop and Sink Tips:

  • Undermount sinks allow the most flexibility for positioning faucets and make for easier cleanup.

  • When choosing a countertop surface, remember while granite is beautiful and in high demand, it is more expensive ($45-$100 per sq foot) and requires more maintenance than laminate surfaces.

  • Choose sinks that will last as long as the countertops to protect your investment.

  • Opt for quality faucets. They are used daily and will be worth the investment.

  • The best prices and widest selection of fixtures (faucets, etc.) can often be found through wholesale stores or on the internet.