Step 1



Removing old green countertop from bathroom.

Remove Old Vanity

Remove old vanity countertop and sinks.

Step 2

Create Frame for Countertop

Using 2x4s and a drill, attach four boards to the top of the vanity (two in the back, two in the front) to create the base/frame of the countertop (Image 1). Attach the last 2x4 to the front of the other boards to create a lip for the countertop (Image 2).

Step 3



Using a nail gun to attach board to wood.

Attach Backer Board

Cut a piece of backer board to size and attach to the top of the 2x4s with a strip screw gun.

Step 4

Cut Hole for Sink

When the countertop is formed, cut a hole(or holes) where you want the sink(s) to be.

Step 5

Lay Travertine Tiles

Spread thinset with a trowel on one half of the countertop (Image 1) and set sheets of travertine tile over the area (Image 2).

Pro Tip

Tile the countertop in sections so that the thinset won’t dry while you're laying out the mosaic glass pieces.

Step 6



Man adds several colored tiles to the small tile section for variety in this home improvement project.

Cut Tiles Around Sink

Using a utility knife, cut out the tile where the sink holes are.

Step 7



Man points at the colored tile in the tile section of this bathroom improvement project.

Plan Mosaic Pattern

Working quickly so thinset does not dry, lay out the glass mosaic tiles over the travertine in desired pattern.

Step 8



Close up of a hand pulling out a tile from the section on the countertop to add color tiles.

Remove Individual Tiles

Once the mosaic tiles are placed, cut out individual travertine pieces with a utility knife.

Step 9



Adding a small black tile to the center of other white tiles.

Lay Glass Mosaic Tiles

Back-butter mosaic tiles with thinset and place into open spaces.

Step 10

Finish Tiling

Once all mosaic pieces are set in that section, lay more thinset on the other half of the countertop and continue the process.

Step 11

Apply Grout

Once all tiles are set, let dry, then grout over the entire top and sides of countertop. Wipe countertops clean with a wet sponge.