Design the New Holder

Measure the trash can and sketch out a design for a pedestal box to hold it. The box needs to be slightly wider and taller than the trash can.

Step 1

Cut the Plywood

Use a circular saw to cut oak plywood for the top, bottom and sides of the box. Safety Alert: Always wear safety glasses and use caution when using a circular saw, nail gun or any power tool.

Step 2



Cut the Holder Opening

Lay out the piece of plywood for the top of the holder. Center the trash can on the wood, upside down, and trace the top of the trash can. Use a jigsaw to cut an opening slightly smaller than the top of the trash can. Test-fit the trash can to make sure it will slip into — but not all the way through — the top.

Step 3

Assemble the Box

Use wood glue and nails to assemble the box. Use a chop saw or miter saw to cut oak trim to size and install around the edges of the box.

Step 4



Build the Lid

Cut and router a simple oak plywood frame to fit the top of the box. Cut a square of oak plywood the same size as the frame and attach it to the frame.

Cut and install trim around the plywood square to form the box lid.

Step 5

Stain and Seal

Wearing plastic gloves, stain the holder and lid to match the surrounding cabinetry. If the furniture feet are unfinished, stain them also. Apply polyurethane sealer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6



Attach the Hinges and Feet

Use screws to attach the furniture feet to the bottom of the holder. Attach the lid using hinges and screws.