DIY Kitchen Remodel

To revitalize his own kitchen, a designer takes a hands-on role.
By: Point Click Home Dot Com

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves


One of the homeowners took on the task of researching appliances, because he does all the cooking. He chose this 48-inch model with dual ovens and open, high-Btu gas burners. Photo by Gridley & Graves


Shopping online netted substantial savings. A sink that retailed locally for $1,500 turned into an Internet bargain for $500. Photo by Gridley & Graves


A table stands in for an island. It serves as a prep area and spot for casual dining. It also divides the space visually and functionally into halves: the cooking area on the left and the cleanup zone at right. Photo by Gridley & Graves


The buffet cabinet not only shows off china and glassware, it houses a small flat-screen TV. The screen hides behind beaded-panel pocket doors at countertop level. Photo by Gridley & Graves


Instead of having to fetch a cutting board from a cabinet to prepare every meal or parking one on the counter and effectively restricting that space to prep work, this kitchen has a pullout cutting board to the left of the range. Photo by Gridley & Graves


The area on the side of the fridge was turned into shallow open shelves for cookbooks and canisters. In many homes, when a cabinet run terminates with a refrigerator like this, the far end is disregarded. This solution is a huge step up from an exposed, magnet-riddled refrigerator side. Photo by Gridley & Graves


Everyday small appliances such as the toaster and coffeemaker have a home of their own in the appliance garage to the left of the sink. This keeps these items out of sight when they're not in use. It includes an electrical outlet. Photo by Gridley & Graves

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