DIY Kitchen Remodel

From a unique take on a kitchen island to a tiny appliance garage, this remodel showcases notable features you'll want in your space today.

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Photo By: Gridley & Graves

Appliance to the Rescue

Sometimes the ideal finishing touch comes in the form of an appliance. After some research, this homeowner decided on a 48-inch, gas burning stove. This two-toned beauty was a perfect pick for the space.

Savings in the Sink

When searching for the sink of your dreams, a peek online won't hurt. This remodel was completed with a pristine undermount sink that retailed locally for $1,500. However, an internet bargain hunt proved fruitful when the exact sink was found for $500.

Tabletop Takeover

Need extra counter space? An island is the perfect solution. This reno features something special — a table in place of a standard kitchen island. It affords the space needed while adding a unique flair to your space.

Buffet With a Secret

A buffet cabinet is a showstopping addition to any kitchen. The piece included in this remodel not only showcases the gorgeous china in the cabinet, it also stores a secret: a small TV in hidden behind the beadboard backing.

Pull-Out Prep Station

Keep your cutting board handy with an in-the-drawer storage solution. The hidden cutting board keep things looking clean and also frees up the counter space you have to work with.

Camouflaged Cabinetry

Put every usable space to good use by adding shallow shelves to the side of the fridge. This solution is a huge step up from an ever exposed, magnet-riddled refrigerator side typically seen in kitchens.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Small, everyday appliances now have a home. This tiny garage keeps the ever-on-the-counter items out of sight, keeping the counter space impectable. Bonus: an added electrical outlet in the back of the garage allows for even more ease.

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