Dishwasher and Home Maintenance Tips

Host Tim Hockenberry shares dishwasher and home maintenance tips.

Dishwasher Tips:

dishwasher and home maintenance tips

dishwasher and home maintenance tips

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Use any soft brush to clean the gaskets around the door and frame of the dishwasher. Food debris can stick there and weaken the seal, allowing water to drip out while the machine is running. Look for any cracks or gaps in the seal. If there's any damage, the gasket might need to be replaced. Check the water sprayer to see if it is clogged with food, detergent or minerals from the water.

Check and clean off screens and filters, and clear out any debris that might be trapped in the food drains. Check for nicks or large scratches in the latex coating. Spots like that could rust, and rust could permanently stain dishes. To finish up, pour about a cup of vinegar into the basin and the detergent cup and run the dishwasher.

Miscellaneous Tips:

Insulation is great at keeping in heat but air can pass through it; it won't really stop drafts. It is better to seal off big cracks or gaps with expanding foam insulation.

Fall is the time to turn off outside hose bibs. Before the first freeze, it is best to put the hose away and close off the outside spigots from the inside. Once you have closed off the inside valve, open the outside faucet and leave it open to make sure that any remaining water or condensation that might form can drain out as the temperature drops.

Leaves come down in the fall, so get out that ladder and clean out the gutters. It is also a good idea to clean out exterior basement drains. Leaves and other debris can cover the drain, giving water nowhere else to go but in the house. Lastly, check the toilets for leaks and keep sink drains flowing freely by pouring drain cleaner in and flushing it out with water.

Each doorway is different, so when replacing the weather stripping, it's best to choose a similar style to the existing, or choose one that strikes your fancy, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation. Have the dimensions of the door when buying the new weather stripping.

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