Design Ideas for Kitchen Pantry Doors

Conceal your stuff in style: Find creative ways to transform your pantry door into one of the most dazzling features in your kitchen.
By: Lisa Frederick

Photo By: Randy Weinstein

Photo By: Picasa © Junk Fest

Translucent Glass Door

A pantry door doesn’t have to be painted in a bright color to draw attention. The black paint on this one adds definition to both the door and the space and picks up the black notes elsewhere in the room. When the door is closed, translucent contact paper on the panels allows just enough light in for a glimpse of the melamine shelving that the homeowner installed.

Functional and Cool

This modern treatment takes the barn door idea in a more industrial direction. The frosted-glass panel adds a sleek twist and helps to screen pantry contents. Family members can write lists, notes and reminders on it with dry-erase markers, eliminating the need for a separate message board. Design by Randy Weinstein

Modern Metal and Glass

Take a page from commercial food and beverage cases and install simple metal-and-glass sliding doors for a minimalist approach to pantry storage. Because the doors slip over each other, they also conserve space if your kitchen has a small footprint. Design by Custom Spaces Kitchens & Baths

Coffee Lovers

A pantry door can be a great way to showcase your personal passions. This old screen door, which came from a farm with a family connection to the homeowner, went from dilapidated to dynamic with a little imagination and elbow grease. A burlap panel filled in the top screen, while the bottom screen got a makeover with hand-stenciled Masonite panels that telegraph the owner’s love of coffee.

Louver Chalkboard

This simple door packs a hat trick of appealing ideas. Not only do the brilliant red and louvered panel break up a neutral expanse of wall, but the chalkboard panel mounted on the inside makes it a snap to keep track of grocery needs and daily schedules. And attaching a piece of chalk with a pretty ribbon ensures that you won’t have to go digging through drawers when you need to write something down.

Handy-Dandy Conversion Chart

When you’re sprucing up your pantry door, don’t forget the interior. Give it a decorative treatment or put it to good use, as in this example. Add an appliquéd measurement conversion chart, plus racks for measuring cups and spoons, right where you store dry goods such as flour and sugar. You could also stencil your own version with paint.

Slide and Conceal

A sliding barn door mounted on rails not only adds an air of cottage chic, but it also saves so much more space than a typical swinging door. You can either find these doors ready-made at barn and building suppliers (either finished or unfinished) or build them yourself.

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