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2014, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved


Creating a Kitchen Island 01:01

Here is the DIY Download on creating a kitchen island.

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Step 1

Gather Your Materials and Tools

base cabinets with back panel
2x4 wooden blocks
power drill
wood screws
industrial adhesive

Step 2

Plan for the Island

Upgrade your kitchen with an easy-to-build kitchen island made of base cabinets, back panel and countertop.

Match existing cabinets or choose new cabinets lighter or darker in tone or match color in floor; then tie room together with countertop the color of existing cabinets.

Place island in work triangle near major workspaces like stove and sink. Leave aisle space around island of at least 36 inches; 42 inches is ideal. For extra seating, factor in 18-inch overhang.

Island can be rectangular, or use angled cabinets for geometric shape.

Pro Tip

Dimensions should be multiples of cabinet sizes: two 33-inch units or one 30-inch unit and two 15s. Double-check dimensions and shape by marking outline on floor with painter's tape.

Step 3

Assemble the Cabinets

Assemble cabinets in kitchen to save lifting.

Pro Tip

Level cabinets before screwing them together.

Step 4

Finish the Island by Installing the Countertop

Install back panel. Use 2x4 wooden blocks to anchor them.

Attach countertop: countertop with wooden understructure can be screwed in place; granite countertop can be glued.