Before-and-After Traditional-Style Kitchen Makeover

See the 2010 winner of DIY Network's Worst Kitchen in America giveaway. We picked the ugliest, most dysfunctional space we could find and turned it into a dream kitchen. Take a look.
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Before: No Space to Cook

This early-1900s kitchen is in need of serious help. The lack of countertops around the stove area doesn't allow for prep space, and the stove's fan blows straight into the cook's face. The old flooring is peeling, and the refrigerator is in a completely different room.

After: Traditional 1900s Design

The refrigerator is now conveniently placed in the kitchen. The stained cherry molding matches the new cabinets and the rest of the home, bringing a traditional 1900s feel to the space.

Before: Inefficient and Dangerous

The small sink is inefficient for cleaning up, and the radiator next to the duct-taped dishwasher is dangerous. The pink countertops date the space.

After: Quartz Composite Countertops

The light countertops are a quartz composite made from ground quartz mixed with epoxy and resin binders. The material is also used on the window sill for a simple, budget-friendly way to tie the whole room together. The tile detail in the backsplash emphasizes the home's early-1900s style.

Before: Backsplash Over the Window?

Ever since they purchased this house, the homeowners have been perplexed as to why the backsplash was extended across the wall and over the window.

After: Light and Airy

The dual windows surrounded by all-white surfaces make the place bright and cheery. The tin-tile ceiling reflects that light and provides an Old World charm that matches the rest of home. The raised panels on the dark cherry cabinets complement the darker wood tones in the flooring and the furnishings.

Before: Unsightly Storage

The pantry doesn't have a door, which makes the kitchen look cluttered.

After: Practical Layout

The pantry storage is now concealed by a gorgeous antique door from England. The peninsula layout puts everything at arm's length. The gas stove is large and efficient, and open shelving holds cookbooks and kitchen essentials.

Before: An Unfinished Look

The exposed drywall is an eyesore, and the washer and dryer are used as prep areas to make up for the lack of counter space.

After: Plenty of Light

Recessed lighting and pendant fixtures above the work areas create a big, bright space for cooking. LED under-cabinet lighting emphasizes the beautiful countertop and backsplash.

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