Step 1

Family TV Center 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for creating a family TV center.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

dark flat paint
rollers with nap covers
paint tray
blackout shades
power drill
wireless theater-style wall sconces
laser level
TV mounting kit
surround-sound speakers
whole-Home HD DVR system
mini fridge

Step 3

Make the Room Dark

Paint walls a dark flat color so they won’t reflect light.

Hang blackout shades on windows.

Step 4

Add Light Fixtures

Install theater-style wall sconces, which focus light on wall, not on TV screen.

Pro Tip

Get battery-powered fixtures and you won't have to run wires.

Step 5

Mount TV and Speakers

For comfortable viewing, mount TV with middle of screen at eye level when you’re seated, 36 to 40 inches, and remember you may recline while watching TV.

Hang at least four surround-sound speakers, one on either side of TV about 30 degrees off center and two more on pivoting mounts on side walls at ends of sofa.

Standard height for speakers is ear level when you’re standing; this prevents blast of sound in ears when you’re seated.

Pro Tip

Tip: A mounting kit will make hanging the TV easier.

Tip: Get wireless speakers and you won’t have to drill through walls.

Step 6

Increase Viewing Options

To access shows, movies, and music anytime get whole-home HD DVR system with large storage capacity. Have system professionally installed.

Get auxiliary units so you can watch shows from other rooms.

Stock mini fridge with snacks and drinks.