Smart Garage Makeover 01:01

Here is the DIY Download on Acadia - Smart Garage Makeover.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Electronic tablet
Pencil or felt marker
Plastic sheeting
Exterior paint
Paint rollers
Paint tray
Drop cloths
Storage system
Power drill
Specialty racks
Finishing nails

Step 2

Tips for a Smart Garage Makeover

1. Pack up things you don’t want and donate them to charity.

2. Fold seats flat for extra cargo space; protect interior with drop cloths or plastic.

3. Divide storage items into categories: tools, sports equipment, automotive and gardening supplies.

4. Research storage systems online.

5. Make shopping list so you can get everything on way back from donation center.

6. Paint walls with exterior paint.

7. Place tools and materials where you will need them in garage.

8. Hang specialty racks for garden tools.

9. Secure tracks for shelving, hooks, and baskets to wall studs; you can move them as needed.

10. Anchor ceiling shelves in joists.

Pro Tip

Before redoing a garage, make a plan.

Print digital photos of garage interior and sketch in possible systems.

In unheated garage, exterior paint lasts longer and is easier to clean than interior paint.

To locate edges of joists, tap in finishing nail.