How to Refinish a Garage Floor 02:16

Learn how to enhance the look of your old garage with a new finish.

Step 1

Prep Floor

Clear the space, and prep concrete by filling any pits and holes with quick-set concrete. To do this, mix concrete powder with water until it has a mashed potato-like consistency. Use a trowel to fill the holes, and let set (a couple hours). Once set, smooth any bumps with a grinder and flat disk. Sweep the entire space, and apply a phosphoric acid wash to the floor following the manufacturer's instructions. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 2

Prep Epoxy

Shake epoxy vigorously, and roll one end of the pouch until it bursts into the other side. Shake again, making sure the two halves mix completely before pouring into a bucket. Add a non-slip additive for safety.

Step 3

Apply Against Walls and Corners

Starting in the back corner of the garage, pour a small amount of epoxy from the bucket. Use a paintbrush to spread the epoxy near corners and walls.  

Step 4

Apply on Remaining Floor

Pour a larger amount of epoxy on the floor, and use a roller for the rest of the space. Make sure to roll over each area multiple times to remove air bubbles, working row by row from back to front. Allow the epoxy to dry for 24 hours prior to walking or driving on it.