Research Your Flooring Options

Before you start this project there are some options for the flooring to consider:

Epoxy Floor Covering

The preparation work for this popular solution is vital. If you don't get up all the grease and dirt the epoxy won't stick. This is a heavy-duty coating that comes in two parts that have to be mixed. It costs approximately $240 to do a two-car garage, and it takes at least two days to dry.

PVC Floor Tiles

The easy way out is to use interlocking PVC floor tiles that lay right over the existing floor. You don't need any special tools or adhesives. The only tool you'll need is a saw to trim the edges. The floor tiles/panels come in a variety of colors as well.

Step 1

Install the Tiles

Lay the panels down and lock them together. Use a rubber mallet to pound the tiles together.

Step 2

trim the tabs with a utility knife

trim the tabs with a utility knife

Trim the Tabs

Trim the tabs with a utility knife when working around something such as molding.

Note: These tiles are extremely durable. Oil stains and drips wipe right up. These floors can stand up to major abuse and they come with a 10-year warranty.

Step 3

Trim the Tiles to Make Strips

To make narrow strips, trim the tiles with a table saw, leaving tabs to lock into the full-size tile.

Lay a series of tapered-edge strips along the front to finish.