Prep the Area

Make sure any tacking strips that have secured the carpet are removed. Use a pry bar and hammer to lift strips from floor, followed by a razor scraper to remove any adhesive. Inspect the floor for any bumps or high spots left by carpet adhesive. Once the floor is clean and ready, determine the starting edge for the flooring nearest a sidewall. We measured out the width of the roll of flooring from the wall in two spots. Snap a chalk line between the points for a straight line to which to align the flooring. Position double-sided tape along the snapped chalk line.

Step 1

roll out the flooring

roll out the flooring

Roll Out the Flooring

Next, take the roll of flooring and roll it out on the floor from the one side of the garage to the other. The flooring is trimmed with a razor knife and a straight edge at the desired end point. Align the second run of flooring to butt the first run on the edge. This gives a seamless look to the flooring. This run is trimmed to match the first. The steps are repeated to cover all flooring in garage. Trim the flooring wherever necessary using the razor knife and a straight edge.