Garages Beyond the Ordinary

Garage Mahal takes transforming garages to a new level, making them extraordinary spaces.

Photo By: Jack Parker

Before: Unfinished Garage

The Chesneys have a lovely home but their lower-level garage has a serious problem: It's unfinished. In this state, only uninvited four-legged guests find the space appealing.

After: Wine Cellar Garage

The garage is not simply for parking cars or storing junk anymore. This garage is inspired by a Tuscan wine cellar.

After: Dramatic Interior

The once dirt-filled cavern of a garage is transformed into a dramatic interior that, with some imaginative installations, converts easily into a space ideal for entertaining.

Before: Messy Tool Area

This pegboard with yard tools gives way to something a little more eye-pleasing.

After: Stylish Shelf Unit

A stylized shelf unit provides a better complement to the new interior.

Before: Cluttered Garage

The standard hodgepodge of yard tools and cleaning products in this garage is compounded by stored film memorabilia. Exposed plumbing and ductwork do little to improve the visual.

After: Movie Theater Garage

Brian Corsetti and the Garage Mahal team turn a cluttered eyesore into a functional garage that, in an instant, transforms into a private screening room perfectly suited for film buffs.

Before: A Pile of Junk

Garages, like spare bedrooms, can quickly become repositories for assorted junk and seldom used items.

After: Storage Organization

Careful planning can result in an improved system for organized storage which, in this case, can be concealed by theater curtains that serve a dual purpose in this garage-turned-home-theater.

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