Extraordinary Garage Makeovers

See how the Garage Mahal team transforms ordinary garages into new and improved spaces.

Photo By: Jack Parker

Piles of Clutter

Home Gym Garage, Before: These fitness-conscious homeowners have big plans for their garage, but a huge pile of clutter is holding them back.

Home Gym

Home Gym Garage, After: In just three days, Garage Mahal turns a cramped and cluttered garage into a space that serves double duty for parking cars and working out. The new gym offers a variety of fitness essentials.

Highly Unorganized

Home Gym Garage, Before: A wall of clutter will have to be sacrificed for the good of a garage makeover.

Neat and Tidy

Home Gym Garage, After: Storage lockers with a mirror panel and easily accessible fitness equipment make more sensible use of this garage's wall space.

Disheveled Space

Rock 'n' Roll Garage, Before: This typical two-car garage, with the usual assortment of floor stains and disheveled items, is about to be transformed into something fabulously far removed.

Ready to Rock

Rock 'n' Roll Garage, After: With the help of the Garage Mahal team, and a nod to Jimi Hendrix, the once ordinary garage is transformed into a fabulous band space. The foldout stage ensures there's room for cars.

Filled With Junk

Casino Garage, Before: This dysfunctional garage was filled with clutter, and a Vegas-style craps table was taking up much of the dining room. Brian Corsetti and the Garage Mahal team creatively solve both problems.

Game Room

Casino Garage, After: The space formerly reserved for parking cars and collecting clutter becomes the life of the party with custom roulette and blackjack tables and a toolbox that transforms into a drink bar.

Appealing Storage

Casino Garage, After: In addition to hideaway gaming tables, the transformed garage incorporates a storage wall that neatly holds household items and storage bins.

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